Traditional Students  Homeschool StudentsHomebound Students
Grades 9-124 Core and 2 ElectivesUp to 3 Classes*4 Core, 2 Electives
Grades 6-84 Core, Health/PE and 1 ElectiveUp to 3 Classes*4 Core, Health/PE and 1 Elective
Grades K-54 Core Classes and Health/PE++Up to 3 Classes*4 Core Classes
and Health/PE++
ElectivesSee List+See List+See List+
WVSSAC EligibleYesSee Criteria*Yes
Schedule 8-3 dailybased on classes*8-3 daily
Daily Attendance
Technology Support (Laptop…)YesYesYes
Meals available for pickupYesYesYes
Grades 9-12 Transcribed GradesYesYesYes
Summers County Comprehensive High School Diploma YesNoYes
Deadline to Register for Fall 21 Semester8/30/218/30/21Must qualify for homebound^
When may a student move to Home AcademyBefore each semesterBefore each semesterMust qualify for homebound^
When may a student move to in person classes AnytimeAnytimeN/A

* Homeschool students may take up to three Home Academy classes and maintain Homeschool status. Homeschool students are exempt from compulsory attendance but to get the best results from this education option we will be keeping attendance. To gain WCSSAC eligibility, a homeschool student must have been a homeschool student the previous year and take a minimum of one ThreeRivers Home Academy Class.

^ A student must medically qualify for and be approved for Homebound status.

+ List of electives

9-12: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Computer Science, American Sign Language 1, American Sign Language 2, Financial Mathematics, World Geography, Health (10th Grade), Physical Education (9th Grade), Art in World Cultures, Learning in a Digital World, Coding – Intro to Programming, Military Careers, Criminology, Inside the Criminal Mind, and Entrepreneurship.

6-8: Middle School Career Exploration, Learning in a Digital World, Spanish 1 (8th Grade), or American Sign Language (8th Grade).

K-5: Health/PE++

++ Elementary Health/PE schedule TBD.


What is Three Rivers Home Academy?

Three Rivers Home Academy is a service of Summers County Schools. We have partnered with Proximity Learning to provide live, state and national certified teachers to parents wanting to educate their child at home.

How many days per week are classes?

Just as traditional school is 8a-3p Monday through Friday, Three Rivers Home Academy is also.

Is attendance required?


Will my student have technology help?


Will I have a person to contact at the school?

Yes, each student will have a virtual facilitator assigned to them. They will make contact with you weekly.