Summers County Schools COVID-19 Recovery Plan and FAQs

Superintendent, David Warvel, will send out weekly updates every Sunday at 3pm via School Messenger.  To ensure you receive the most updated information please contact your school’s principal to verify your student’s primary contact phone number.


What if my Student is in Option 3?

No change, students in Option 3 will remain in Option 3 until the end of the school year.  Option 3 students may remain on Option 3 providing they are making satisfactory progress.

Can my Option 2 student go to Option 3?

No, students already in Option 3 may remain but Option 2 students must move to Option 1 on Tuesday, April 6.

My K-12 Student is in Option 1, what will change?

Grades K-8, Option 1, will remain 5 days per week. Grades 9-12 will start 5 days per week on Tuesday, April 6.

What about Wednesday?

Wednesday will become a regular school day for Grades K-12.

Can I go to Home School instead of returning 5 day per week?

Yes, if you complete the Home School Intent form with Educational Plan, have someone with a high school diploma instructing, and acknowledge IEPs will be void and students will need to take an assessment for Grade Placement when returning to school.  It may take up to 80 days to reestablish an IEP’s services.  

Can my student participate in WVSSAC events if I move to Home School?

Yes, if your student is enrolled in at least one WV Virtual Class.

Are grades going to count this school year?

Yes, students will be accountable for the grades earned during the 20-21 school year. SCS will be offering Summer School and Credit Recovery options.

What is changing with Option 2 and Option 3?

Option 2 is Live Classes Via Google Meets and will end on Tuesday, April 6. All Option 2 students will move to Option 1. (Note, Pre-K will not change.) Option 3 students may remain on Option 3 providing they are making satisfactory progress.

Why is Summers County making this change now?

Due to the Governor of WV’s declaration that K-12 Students be in class 5 days a week we have altered the Options list for Summers County Schools.  We at Summers County Schools believe it is imperative to have our students in the classroom.

What are the grade requirements for WVSSAC sports participation?

Under the revised policy, fall semester grades will not prohibit students from participating fully through March 19, 2021.  After March 19th students must have a 2.0 GPA. See

Will bus schedule change for Wednesday?

Yes, all buses will run on a normal schedule.

Will changing to Option 3 require my student to make up work from January and February?

Changing to Option 3 is not permitted at this time.

What is the deadline for making an Option change?

Thursday, February 25th at 3pm.

How do I change Options or get more information?

Please contact your school’s principal for more information but all Option 2 students will move to Option 1 on Tuesday, April 6. (Note, Pre-K will not change.)

What are we doing to help protect our students…?

  • We are working in tandem with our local Summers County Health Department.
  • We regularly clean schools and buses with an electrostatic spraying system.
  • SCS has been educating our students and staff on COVID-19 symptoms.
  • SCHS/MS will be setting up outdoor class options.
  • Each school has provided clear desk dividers to all students.
  • Face masks and shields have been provided to all students.
  • Offering 2 educational options to fit family needs.
  • We are promoting social distancing consistently throughout the school day.
  • SCS will be offering Summer School and Credit Recovery options.

West Virginia COVID-19 Vaccine Registration System